Thai Foot Massage

This is a relaxing, yet invigorating, massage to both the legs and the feet – this means there is no need to undress, all you have to do is just pop your socks off and roll up your trousers.

During the treatment, a range of techniques are used, such as: stretching; massage; thumb pressure; as well as a using a Thai stick carved from sustainable Teak to stimulate organ reflex points on the soles of the feet (these are the same points that are used in Reflexology). At the end of the treatment your legs and feet are placed in wraps whilst further massage and stretching techniques are performed.

The aim of a Thai Foot Massage is to balance the body as well as encourage good health and this is done by opening up the Sen Lines which in turn balances and harmonises the flow of energy through the body. Thai Foot Massage is a relatively new type of massage in the UK, yet it has been practiced for hundreds of years in Thailand – although it is believed to have originated over 2000 years ago and has its roots in India, Korea, Japan and China.

Thai Foot Massage £35 (1 hour)