ReikiHealing universal “life force” energy, helping to balance mind, body and spirit, bringing relief to a wide range of physical, mental & emotional conditions.
Cost: £35

Swedish MassageA deep relaxing massage to revitalise tired muscles and rejuvenate your mind & spirit.
From: £28

Indian Head MassageTouch therapy to the head, scalp, neck, shoulders and upper arms to promote total body and mind relaxation.
Cost: £28

Thai Foot MassageMassage of the lower legs & feet combining acupressure, reflexology & stretches. This treatment is both deeply relaxing & energising.
Cost: £35

Holistic Aromatherapy FacialCleanse & tone, then enjoy a deep face, neck & scalp massage using aromatherapy balms to lift the senses
From: £28

Gift Vouchers are available upon request.

Treatments for children are also available. All children must be accompianed by a parent/guardian/carer.

I appreciate it is not always possible to attend an appointment, and I will accomodate your needs where possible. Please note, however, a 50% cancellation fee may be charged for cancellations within 48 hours, or for missed appointments.