Mindful Tea Time

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I don’t know about you, but I used to pop the kettle on and then go off and do some other things around the house.  About 10 minutes later, I would suddenly remember I had boiled the kettle, feel the outside of it to see if it was still hot and then decide to boil it again………. And then of course I would wander off again and do some other things around the house, forget I had switched it on again…..blah, blah, blah…..repeat, repeat, repeat!  When I had finally made the cup of tea, it would be too hot to drink and so I would leave it on the side while I while I would, again, go off and do other things.  Eventually, I would remember about my cup of tea, have a couple of sips and then leave it on the side to do more things.  Later in the afternoon, I would find half a cup of cold tea sat on the side!


“We can bring a wonderful awareness to the present moment as it unfolds”

The beauty of mindfulness is that we can bring it to every day tasks and slow them down to bring a contemplative nature to the experience.  By doing this we are able to notice our reaction to the encounter and bring a wonderful awareness to the present moment as it unfolds.  We spend so much of our lives on auto pilot, we have forgotten to notice.  With mindfulness we are noticing through our senses – what do you feel, smell, hear, taste and see?


Mindful tea drinking

Over the last week, in the advanced meditation groups, we have been bringing mindfulness to drinking a cup of tea.  Here are the step by step details, should you wish to give it a go:

  • Listen to the sound of the water pouring into the kettle, the click of the “on” button and the sound of the water boiling inside the kettle.  Notice the steam coming out of the spout.
  • As you pour the water onto the tea bag notice the infusion, aware of the change of colour from water to tea.  The sound of the pouring water too.  Then be fully present with lifting the teabag out with a spoon, adding milk and/or sugar.  Can you hear the tinkling of the spoon against the side of the cup?
  • Notice the aroma of the tea.  Be aware of the journey of the tea leaf and the blend that has been carefully put together for you to enjoy.
  • Notice your hands against the side of the cup, feeling the warmth of the tea.  Maybe take a moment to contemplate that many people around the world do not have clean drinking water, and yet you can enjoy a cup of warm tea whenever you choose.
  • Now drink mindfully.  Take it slow.  Just small sips.  Savouring each sip.  Notice the the journey it takes from your mouth into the your body.  Be aware of the taste and acknowledge if it feels “just right” today or if it is too strong or too weak.
  • As you take another sip, focus on the raising of your arm, the sip, the swallowing and lowering of the arm.  You can always take a few deep breaths in between sips.  Acknowledge any thoughts or feelings or sensations that take place.
  • Do you feel that you want to rush through the rest of the cup?  Just be aware of this?  Do you feel that there are other pressing things to do?  Again, be aware of this thought and the feelings generated by it.  Do you feel self conscious?
  • And come back, again, to the direct experience of your tea.  Reconnecting with the warmth, the taste, the movement and the sounds of the tea drinking experience.  Continuing to watch and notice each moment.
  • Become aware that this moment and this tea will never exist again.
  • You can always end the tea drinking experience just giving a little “thanks” to the tea and to yourself for taking time to slow down and notice.




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This post was written by Sarah Presley

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