I’m writing a book!

July 30, 2019 8:55 pm Published by

Did you know I am writing a book?  It’s not really a secret, but just something I haven’t really talked about on here!


Since recovering from M.E. I have felt inclined to help others who are going through tough times.  Over the years, I have seen so many people going down the slippery slope to burnout and so I feel really passionate about sharing the techniques I have learned along the way that really helped me.  So the main focus of the book is learning to meditate and helping you to change your mindset.


I am just coming to the end of chapter 9 and the end of my first draft is in sight.  I am scared and also incredibly escited, and I thought it would be really nice to share part of the process on here with you.  Maybe you could get excited with me too 🙂

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