Finding a creative balance can be meditative

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Earlier this year, I decided I wanted to bring a better balance to life and that involved giving time to creativity.


This is my first ever mosaic project and it is my youngest son’s first guitar.  I have such happy memories of him about 3-4 years old, walking around, strumming the strings.  He would make up songs (mostly about how annoying his older brother is) and he would sometimes ask me to write them down for him.


I love that these memories are preserved within this guitar and every time I look at it on the wall, I can be reminded of it.


One of the extra bonuses of this project, was how meditative it was putting it all together.  I didn’t put myself under any pressure to complete it within a set time.  I just set aside an odd 10 minutes here and there and just allowed the process to unfold.  It was incredible the focus I could feel with each stage of it.  I really treated myself gently through the process too, and if at any point I realised I had made a mistake I would very calmly remove the incorrect tiles and re-do that it again!  Mindfulness moments would feature too.  Sometimes, I would just sit and feel the tiles under my fingers and really take in the shapes and colours as the process unfolded.


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