Busy life? Plates spinning? Just breathe.

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I dont know about you, but I always have lots of spinning plates in the air.  My life is really busy.  Don’t get me wrong, I do have a really good work/life balance.  On the other side of family and work life, I do make sure I have a daily dose of meditation, reiki and exercise.  I have a good diet too.  But there is a lot of living in there too……… yep, a lot.

Why are we busy?

I don’t think I am unique.  I think most people I come across have a busy life.  Some people make it that way so that they don’t have to think about things.  And some people just have lots of demands on them.  Some people don’t like to feel bored.  While others are busy because they just have a joie de vivre!

Curve balls, lemons and cricket!

For me, after having M.E. for many years, creating the right balance of life is important and because of this I do feel the joie de vivre.  But sometimes, life chucks lots of curve balls and lemons and all sorts of things you are not expecting.  Well, this year life chucked cricket at us!  I’m not talking about the World Cup, or test cricket.  I’m talking about my son’s under 11 cricket!  “That doesn’t sound too bad”, you must be thinking.  And no, my son’s cricket is not bad.  In fact, it is quite lovely.  It just added an extra large spinning plate I wasn’t expecting.  Just as an example, one week there were 4 fixtures…….yep, 4!  This, came along when I felt I already had enough spinning plates as it is.

How the breath can help

“Thank heavens for the breath”, is all I can say.  “How does the breath help with 4 fixtures of cricket?”, you ask?  Well, the breath is my go-to whenever life feels overwhelming.  Quite simply, when I start thinking “this is too much”, that is the trigger for me to sit for a moment and just take some calming breaths.  If you are thinking “this is too much”, your nervous system is in the sympathetic state which means that it is going into a flight or fight reaction.  This means: an increased heart rate and blood pressure; a slowing down of the digestive function; an increase of hormones flooding your system, amongst other things.  But when you purposefully focus on your breath, a really cool thing takes place in your body:  you stimulate your vagus nerve and activate your parasympathetic nervous system.  When the parasympathetic nervous system is stimulated, it is the perfect counter-balance and your heart rate and blood pressure can slow down and all the other systems of the body can begin to calm.

And r-e-l-a-x…….

Perfect plate spinning

So it’s a no brainer.  Just consciously breathing in and out.  Allowing the breath to come and go, with awareness.  It doesn’t have to be for a long period of time.  Just a few breaths can be the perfect reset button and give you just a little space to make sure those plates spin in the right way again.


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