Bringing meditation to employees at Apak

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I have had an amazing time this year bringing meditation to the employees of Apak.

I was asked to deliver a one hour session for 10 managers and then run 2x 2 hour sessions for 15 members of staff. The feedback was so great I was asked to return and deliver another 8 hours for other staff!

Why should I meditate?

During the sessions, I highlighted the impact of days lost to sickness and look at the common reasons for sickness (colds/coughs, muscoskeletal problems, stress, depression, anxiety etc). I then discussed the compelling scientific benefits of meditation linked to all of these areas to demonstrate the positive physiological changes your body can go through when you meditate.

How do I meditate?

Once the “why” had been addressed, we could then look at “how”. During this part of the session I supported the employees to lay down a solid foundation for their meditation practice, exploring lots of different types and techniques of meditation to help them find their best fit. We also looked at some of the pitfalls that can impact the experience and how to navigate around them.

Practicing at work and at home

During the final part of the sessions we looked at how to bring meditation to both home and work to get the full benefit of the practice. All attendees were given 6 audio downloads to practice with at home, plus a comprehensive hand out was also provided which detailed what had been covered during the sessions.

The feedback

I found it a very beneficial course, the content was good and varied, the format and pace seemed just right.  I found the trainer to be extremely knowledgable and her experience was evident.  The handout and audio files were also useful and will make it easier to keep up the practice.

I genuinely thought it was amazing.  I tried meditation before and never really got into, but I thought Sarah was a great teacher and I have been using the techniques every day since.  I think it’s already helped me.  I definitely think this should be rolled out as an option for the whole company.

I found this very useful – I have been considering using meditation but needed a prod to get started.  The techniques that Sarah taught were very effective in a group environment

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